Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

Kim Kardashian says leaked nude photo isn’t her

Kim Kardashian nude photoKim is promising that the nude woman who is shown in the photo above cooking eggs isn’t of her. The picture was released on a site called MediaTakeout which claimed it had sources saying the pic was of her, and on top of that, claiming it was evidence that she had a boob job because the tits in the pic are smaller than hers.

Now we think this photo is clearly not her. If this is some old photo, why does it look professional done? And if a pro didn’t take this, why is she cooking eggs in some dingy small apartment looking place?

Although we have to admit, the booty looks just like the real thing. And the hair is similar and is in the same style Kim wears. They are also both tanned and dark skinned. But the face looks different, it looks more like Kourtney’s face.

But Kim herself took to Twitter to tell the word that the pic isn’t of her, and that her boobs are real.